Strategy, Action, Revival

Circuit Riders

The Go Network Circuit Riders are teams of skilled evangelists teamed up with motivated Christians who travel from church to church bringing evangelistic breakthrough.

We bring high impact evangelistic tools and strategies to empower the congregation to sow the seeds of harvest, and then run a powerful evangelistic weekend. Revolutionary training, targeted outreach, powerful personal encounters, and specially designed evangelistic services, all work together to bring forth a great harvest

These Circuit Stops are not just one time events.  We return twice a year to build momentum in your church to build sustainable revival.

About Us

The Go Network is an evangelistic movement on a mission to revive America.   We are activating the Body to re-evangelize America. We ignite a fire for souls in the local church through our Circuit Rider teams, equip the Body to have a deeper relationship with God, and empower every person to confront  the powers of darkness.


Contact Us

Contact us for prayer/healing needs, for more information, or to schedule The GO Team to come to your location. We will respond to you as soon as possible.  Please send us an email to